Scott’s Concierge Program

Scott offers a free Home Concierge Program that allows his clients to connect with his vast network of quality contractors.

As homeowners begin the process of preparing their homes for market, they are always in need of reliable, quality contractors, landscapers, and other types of vendors involved in making home improvements, deferred maintenance or repair items, and general help to get their home ready for sale. Scott’s Home Concierge Program was created to help put you, his client, in touch with reliable contractors and professionals personally evaluated by Scott, and/or referred to Scott by other satisfied clients.









Referral Disclaimer It is the responsibility of our clients to make their own decisions about the relevance, accuracy, currency, and/or reliability of any contractor or business that are referred to them. Scott Furman, Realtor, RE/MAX Classic and its entities are not responsible for the work or reliability of any contractor that maybe recommended. You indemnify Scott Furman, Realtor, RE/MAX Classic and its entities from any and all cost, damages, legal actions or expenses including attorney’s fees related to any contractor or company you choose to employ whose name we have given to you. Many of the referrals were provided by third parties who many have had satisfactory results using the service provider. This does not imply that everyone will have the same results. Our referrals should not be taken as an endorsement or a guarantee of satisfactory performance nor a warranty of any kind.